Scena Productions

St. Paul’s Cathedral-Oculus, London

Scena was appointed as the design and build
contractor to this new and complex visitor experience
project for St. Paul’s Cathedral, working closely the
Cathedral’s consultants and Surveyor of the Fabric.

Client: St Paul's Cathedral
Designer: Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Project Value £ 660,000

St. Paul’s Cathedral-Oculus, London

This was a design and build project where Scena
were responsible for pulling together a team to
develop the client’s wishes.

Open Space
St. Paul’s Cathedral-Oculus, London

The basic concept was to convert the crypt in to an
audio visual experience. The space had traditional
arches and columns and being a listed building
there was little availability to fix projectors and
set works to the fabric of the building.

St. Paul’s Cathedral-Oculus, London

The graphics were illuminated using LED Light
sheet to keep the light boxes as thin as possible.

Museum of London
St. Paul’s Cathedral-Oculus, London

We also worked with the client to develop their
ideas for the filming of four new films
commissioned specially for this project and
a new improved website.

In the outer corridor there was a glass and blacken
steel time line depicting principal times in the history
of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral.