Scena Productions

Project Management

Project Management

Our Project Managers have backgrounds ranging from Engineering to Joinery which allows for a large amount of utilisation throughout our company.



Engineering and Fabrication

The engineering department have worked on projects of minimal scale requiring a high level of precision and workmanship; to projects which require large steel sections and spans of considerable size.



From scenery flats for theatre to structural timber for long term installations, our carpenters have the knowledge and experience to create the right effect for your design.



Working alongside the carpenters our joiners can finish the framework with a wide range of materials. This allows us to create a high level finish. These materials range from laminate
or solid surfacing to highly finished timber ready for polishing or painting



The in house team can produce a large number of effects on a wide range of materials. Having the in house team also means we have the ability to send crew on site to ensure the highest level of finish has been achieved at the final destination.



The in house team of draughts man, develop design drawings into workable templates and working drawings. This allows our Engineers, Carpenters, CNC, Joiners & Painters to have a high degree of accuracy.


CNC Machining

CNC Machining allows for the creation of a large number of intricate pieces of joinery or panels.
Our team of skilled programmers and operators can cut most shapes and designs with mm precision.