Scena Productions

Stockley Park, London

The Bar area includes built in seating and MDF
finished with a high gloss finish to the faces.
Back painted glass to match finished the effect.

Client: Imagination
Project Value £ 660,000

Stockley Park, London

Backlit acrylic is accessible from behind to allow
the graphic to be changed for different companies
or events.

Open Space
Stockley Park, London

The reception desk continues the look from throughout
the fit out with sweeping curves down to the ground.

Stockley Park, London

The wall has LED light boxes to allow for the back
lighting of posters. The LED lighting underneath
colour is fully adjustable.

Museum of London
Stockley Park, London

Although made in sections the table appears to
wrap up the wall, along the ceiling and back down
the opposite wall.

Open Space
Stockley Park, London

The curved screens enclose the space to create a
full 360 degree enclose.

Open Space
Stockley Park, London

LED lighting provides diffused lighting to the movable
panels and wall recess. The colour of the lighting is
fully adjustable